Jeezy has already unveiled his big Jay-Z collaboration entitled “Seen It All” after the album. But Jeezy has some other other joints and shared them last night at a private listening session. Jeezy previewed 10 new tracks for everyone with features from The Game, Future, & Wiz Khalifa. Check out what Hot 97’s Miss Info had to say about some 3 the tracks after the jump. ‘Seen It All’ hits stores and iTunes September 2nd.


“No Tearz” feat. Future

Jeezy says this song best describes the moral and theme of the album. Instead of heading to the club with Future, they cut a song about all that they’ve overcome in stepping off the block for good and pursing rap full time. With Future Hendrix on the hook, Jeezy reflects on the friends that he has lost, the cost of fame, and how he feels content with life right now. This is the most radio friendly and mainstream sounding beat on the project. Also, Future gently spews the hook like a trap Bob Marley (Jeezy says). For once, the Snowman sounds “happy” on a record, almost serene if you will. Trust me, when I say you never heard him like this before.


“Beautiful” feat. The Game

This song really has a soulful feel to it. It’s a far cry from the trap beats that the Snowman fancy’s. Spanish sounding strings and a girl crooning in the background command the beat. The song has carries a nostalgic feeling, something where say Nas would tell a tale of growing up in Queensbridge. Both Game and Jeezy celebrate success and the good life on the track.


“Want Me” feat. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz definitely brings his Trap Wiz flavor from his recently released 28 Grams mixtape over to Jeezy’s world. The beat will have you boppin’ your head and your arms doing the “trap dance.” Lyrically, it’s not Jeezy’s best performance but that’s not what this song is about. Khalifa raps double speed and shows out over the Snowman


via Rapxclusive

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