It’s always something with this guy.  SMH, so much talent … but so much drama.  Former NFL tight end Fred Davis threw dirt and flowers at his ex after insulting the shape of her ass … this according to a police report — and now they are looking to speak with him.
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Via TMZ:

The woman claims 28-year-old Davis turned to her male companion and said, “Why you with her, she doesn’t have an ass.”

According to the report, the woman says she went out to have a cigarette and Davis followed — and at one point grabbed a handful of dirt and flowers from a hanging planter and THREW it at the woman’s torso.

The woman claims she went inside the restaurant to grab a ketchup bottle so she could squirt Davis — but someone stopped her before she could fire the red stuff.

Moments later, the woman claim Davis told her … “I’m gonna slap you ’cause you fakin. Your friend looks like 2 Chainz.”

The argument continued until Davis eventually left the scene.

…so far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.



Davis was arrested early Thursday morning in D.C. and charged with simple assault and attempted threats to do bodily harm.

Davis plead NOT GUILTY to both charges … and was eventually released on his own recognizance.

Story developing …