During an interview with Complex, Dame Dash expressed his admiration for Rocky saying, “I like these young Harlem niggas cause they on some fly sh*t.” Hit the jump to see the interview.

Jamaal Fisher

These niggas like ‘Yo man, we on some Harlem shit.’ I just came back from London and they’re like he be stuntin. So, I like A$AP Rocky. The way he be stuntin and shit…I love what he doing. He do whatever he want to do. He don’t give a fuck. So, I like it. And when I speak to him he says intelligent things. He’s not about doing no negative shit. He’s about really being artistic and pushing the bar. He actually—The things he does is similar to what I would do if I was a rapper at his age. Being an individual and being confident in what you believe in and not giving a fuck about what everybody thinks is complete Harlem…He’s that generation of Harlem. Cam’s that generation. I don’t dress like A$AP Rocky. I don’t dress like Cam. I dress like Dame…All of us are completely different. From completely different generations, but have a complete, strong point of view.”