The tension between people over the death of Ferguson are high and they just keep growing. Sympathy for the poor boys death is felt by people all over the nation, including celebrities. J.Cole, to name one, even went to his memorial site to pay respects. Many are disappointed with the portray of Ferguson in the media and what is being said. One rapper in particular decided to voice his frustration for all to see…
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Nqobi C

Talib Kweli took a trip to St Louis on a mission to “control the narrative.”

Kweli clearly upset about the media doing a horrible job on conveying the news to the people, Kweli said,

“horrible job of making sure the stories get out.”

That is why Talib Kweli called out CNN reporter, Don Lemon, on their “horrible job” at reporting not only Ferguson but also the Michael Brown shooting and the events that followed.

This isn’t the first time CNN’s Don Lemon had a little controversy involving him.

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