IFWT_Shelly Sterling

Donald Sterling has been seen with countless young women, some of which have accused him of heinous acts while they mixed business and pleasure.  Amidst all this, one person we haven’t really heard from is his estranged wife Shelly Sterling.  She was at the forefront negotiating the record breaking sale to Steve Ballmer but how does she feel about her husbands extra curricular activities and the woman behind it all, V. Stiviano?

Shay Marie

Shelly Sterling gave an in depth interview to the Associated Press:

The marriage has had rough patches, she said, and the two have been estranged since the death of their diabetic son from a drug overdose last year.

She remembered their high school romance, when he crashed her 16th birthday party, and the years they spent building a real-estate portfolio of 160 apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

Asked if she knew her husband was unfaithful over the years, she said: “I can’t say if I was blind to it or I didn’t know to ask. I was raising my three kids, and I was very involved in taking care of the buildings … There were always excuses that he was working with one girl or another. Maybe I didn’t want to realize it.”

She considered divorce but was told by lawyers that a split would be “of no benefit.”

“What’s the point at our age?” she said. “I still feel sorry for him. I think he’s going to make it right, and he’ll be OK. ”

These days, she said, the two are “on better terms.”