Dame Dash has been catching quite a bit of flack lately. Rappers calling him out etc. In a recent interview he addressed rumors about him owing Beanie Siegal money. Siegal said back in 2010, that Dame stole 11 million from him! Watch the clip below and see just exactly what Mr. Dash had to say!

Jayyiah Coles

“My perspective on anybody asking me about another man is I’m not answering that man because he’s not a man,” Dame said. “If I owe you some money then you can ask me about your paper. But you asking about another dude’s paper doesn’t even make sense. Especially if it’s something that you didn’t hear directly from the other dude to you. Again, I just don’t know how people feel manly enough to ask that question. I don’t understand how a dude could ask about another guy’s money…I’ve never done that. And also Beans isn’t the kind of guy you could rob…If he asked that question that’s a different thing. And him and I can have a talk about it. Other than that, another dude asking me about another dude. Me even answering, I don’t feel like a dude.”

During an interview with the Star & Bucwild Show on Philadelphia’s Power 100.3 in December 2010, Sigel revealed that Dame owed him millions.

“I ain’t loyal to Dame. Dame owe me some money,” he said during the interview. “My own lawyer found about 11-million that Dame stole from me…He filing bankruptcy. I’ll spend a million dollars just to say a person owe me? I have a piece of paper that say he owe me some money. Who wants to go through that?”