TI & Iggy - No Mediocre

If you’re talking about Iggy, you better take it up with T.I., because he’s taking no prisoners! T.I. met up with Complex News to discuss his feelings regarding Iggy Azalea criticism.

TIP was especially annoyed at allegations that Iggy was racist. “That pisses me off,” he began. “Simply because they don’t have any real substantial grounds. ‘I don’t like them.’ Why? ‘Just ’cause.’ What you mean just ’cause? Since when do you get the right to judge people? Who died and made you the emperor of Egypt? That kind of s%#$ and then the things that they accuse her of, like the racist stuff. That’s not even her. That’s not even in her. Me knowing her, knowing where she comes from – for real, the whole racist thing, that’s American – we forget, she’s not American. So the whole black, white, color divided thing, it isn’t a part of her DNA like it is here in America. It’s just ignorant to me.”

At the end, he puts the haters in check by saying, “I’ma ride wit her. So y’all go ahead. Anybody got a problem with it just know, it gon’ be one ’cause I’m coming.”

That’s a PSA to you haters to keep your mouths shut!

Candice Nicole

Source Hip Hop DX