(Video) A Racist Father Goes In On His Daughter For Dating A Black Man

This is super sad. Just goes to show how alot of people truly feel about the african american race. In a video, we see a girl videotaping her father literally go off on her for dating a black man. The father says to the daughter that white people are better than blacks and that they rule the world.

(Photo) Dairy Queen Owner Loses Business After Racist Comments

James “Jim” Crichton of Zion, Illinois, is now out of a store after her threw a bunch of racist comments at customer Deianeira Ford and her two children. Ford is a bi-racial woman who took her children to Dairy Queen to enjoy some ice cream when her order got messed up. She complained about the order to Crichton which resulted in the racist remarks and being called the “N” word.

(Photo) NFL: Racists Break Into Nikita Whitlock’s Home Steal & Write N-Word & Swastika on Walls

SMH, cops in Moonachie, New Jersey have launched an investigation into a burglary at the home of New York Giants fullback, Nikita Whitlock.  Not only did they steal from him, they also scrawled racist epithets all over the walls.

Voting Centers Get Out Of Control In Light Of Election

This election has truly been one for the books. These poll centers have been going crazy. Earlier two women protested topless inside of a poll site. Now we see that one person was actually killed and three others were wounded after an active shooter opened fire, with military style weapons, near a polling center near Los Angeles.

(Video) Michigan Woman Spits On A Black Man And Calls Him A N*gger

This is so sad. In a video, we see a Michigan woman spitting on a black man. The woman recording the video and the white woman are going back and forth. We see the white woman saying ‘I’m not a n*gger and you are.’

(Video) #TomWorthan Georgia GOP County Chairman Caught Making Racist Comments About Black Candidate

Tom Worthan is a long time standing GOP County Republican Commission Chairman in Georgia. Today footage has surfaced of him making racist remarks about an African American candidate. To be specific “Im afraid hes gonna put a bunch of blacks in leadership positions.” Now Worthan’s defense to these statement are that hes not a racist and that he was just saying what was needed to acquire a vote. Most people are not buying it. More on the story after the jump.

(Video) Alabama Pastor Gets Fired For Inviting Black Children To Bible Study Camp

One Alabama pastor was terminated for inviting black children to Bible study summer camp. Mt.Sterling Baptist Church in Butler, AL took a vote on the termination of Pastor Jonathan Greer. The church leadership became very upset with Greer after he invited black children to Vacation Bible School.

2016 Miss Teen USA Winner Often Used The N-Word On Twitter

Everybody is now coming for Miss Teen USA 2016, Karlie Hay, after some old tweets surfaced online. What did the tweets say? Let’s just say if a 15 year-old white girl calling people the N-word isn’t enough proof that racism exists in this country, I don’t know what is.

(Photo) Leslie Jones Goes In On Racist Slander Via Twitter

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones was not here for the racism on her Twitter feed. She took the time to set the record straight telling people not to send her any racist and graphic tweets. People were being really harsh as they tweeted pictured of gorillas comparing them to Jones and more.

(Video) LOL: A Woman Sings A Super Racist Song In Front Of A Party

This is funny but not funny at the same time. In a video we see a woman performing in front of a party. What we later on realize is the song is beyond racist. The woman is singing about how she wants to be a ‘Neenjaaaaaa’ in her best Asian voice.

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