Last year, 70’s musician David Pryor’s family filed a lawsuit against Kanye West claiming that he sampled 13 seconds of the artist’s track “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” for the popular hit, “Gold Digger“. Well, that family will see no funds.

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Pryor’s family filed suit against the controversial rapper stating that he sampled the “Gold Digger” tune without permission. The gang was looking for finances for damages and requested an injunction for West to stop distributing and performing the track. You know Kanye wasn’t having it and now, neither was a judge.

The courts released stated:

“In coming to this conclusion, the Court notes that the samples used in each of Defendants’ songs are not only short, but they are also distorted so that the samples are sped up and often presented in a higher pitch. As the following chart illustrates, each of Defendants’ recordings takes only short phrases from the spoken introduction, and in each case the sampled portion is distorted—sped up and in a higher pitch—and accompanied by musical instruments, vocals, or some other musical element that obscures the sampled portion.”

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Check out the court documents HERE!