With the highly anticipated sophomore album from Kendrick Lamar on the way, rumors are running ramped. WatchLOUD had announced via Twitter, that K. Dot would release a single titled, “I Love Myself” sometime next week. That tweet has since been removed, which could only mean that there is some truth to it, right? We Wish! HNHH says that the track is actually titled, “I” – Love Myself dropped. What ever it is called, I just want to hear it.

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Another major detailed piece of gossip is that the LP is scheduled to drop Sept. 29, but that too has been taken back. He doesn’t give us a date, but Top Dawg Entertainment’s CEO, Anthony Tiffith let’s us know to, “be patient.” Music from Kendrick as well as Jay Rock is on the way.

The “Autumn Leaves” lyricist did mention to Rolling Stone that the album would consist of very little cameos and plenty of, “aggression and emotion.” Just be ready.

I feel like he’s going to Beyonce us all. We’re going to go to sleep, wake up and BOOM – there’s a K. Dot and Jay Rock album. So ready for the teasing to be over.

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