Kim Kardashian
They have be quoted saying how much they love Paris and the respect the paparazzi give celebrities…that was until yesterday when Kim almost got tackled to the ground while making her entrance to the Balmain Fashion Show. Want to file a compliant Kim….? Well guess who isn’t going to help you?
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Nqobi C

The reality star scarlet was so traumatise from the event (check out the hilarious photo of her face in the gallery) that she even hiked up her security!

The Parisian authorities do not get the big deal about the incident as the Kardashian was fine afterwards.

The Prefecture de police de Paris told reports that the do not become involved in such “minimal situations”


And on top of it the Police are not going to take action against the Ukrainian prankster, Vitalii Sediuk.

What do YOU think? Did you see the video? You think it was a minimal situation or nah?

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