Newark Airport

A plane had to be briefly quarantined at the Newark Liberty International Airport because a sick passenger was examined for Ebola! WOW!
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A Father and daughter, believed to be from Liberia, was removed from Flight 900 for an Ebola scare after flying several hours from Brussels. There were 255 passengers on board and they didn’t even realize what was going on until the health officials showed up in hazmat suits and escorting a man wearing a surgical mask off the plane. “I was (scared) when two CDC officers came on board with the masks on and we realized it could be related to some sort of infectious disease. Annamaria Papp explained to the Star-Ledger.

The man’s daughter was seen leaving with the flight attendants without wearing a mask. According to an United Airlines spokesperson, the passengers were told to stay seated “until they could assist an ill customer”. The vomiting passenger was taken to the University Hospital in Newark to get treated and tested during that time. After nearly 2 hours on the Boeing 777 at Gate B54, an announcement was made that they were allowed to leave. It was confirmed that the man was cleared of the deadly virus and not contagious.

They aren’t playing any games! If you look sick, they are taking you in. Better safe than sorry!

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