(Video) Subway Rider Bites Passenger Over Seat Request

The city of 9 million stories just gained another intriguing one.According to police, a woman scratched, pushed and bit a passenger in attempt to acquire a seat on a New York City train.

Say What?! Sick Passenger Had To Be Examined At Newark Airport For Ebola?!

A plane had to be briefly quarantined at the Newark Liberty International Airport because a sick passenger was examined for Ebola! WOW! Read more after the jump…

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Gets Bad BEATING

Ok This is NOT cool, BUT the Bus Driver did put his hand on the guy before the guy did anything, And I repeat this is not cool, and more than likely will not help him legally, I’m just saying.

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Pounds On Passenger

Apparently 61 year old Seattle bus driver Dennis Echols was aggravated that 23 year old Ethan McKinney was asleep at the last stop and preventing Echols from taking his break. Once The driver throws McKinney’s belongings off the bus, McKinney finally gets off but not before he bumps and allegedly spits on Echols, which leads Echols to hit McKinney with an 8 pound rubber wheel block, and Pounding on him from behind.

(Caught On Tape) Detroit Bus Driver Fights Crazy Passenger!!!

Man, oh man. It got all too real on a Detroit bus. One unruly passenger that was extremely upset about the bus machine not returning her ticket chose the wrong one to flex on. She decided to spit at the bus driver, but from the looks of things, that didn’t work out too well. I guess it didn’t help that many of the passengers incited the driver’s violent response. Check out her reaction after the jump.

(Video) OH SNAP!! Another Bus Driver Beating On A Passenger!!!

“You gon pay for this b**ch” I mean it’s not as rough as the original knock out upper cut the male driver to the female passenger, and this is female on female, but this is def gladiator action! Hit and See.

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