Uber Ice Cream Truck
This might be the ultimate he said;she said, Passenger is saying the driver went all kinds or the wrong way, then went to a empty parking lot and locked the doors, which is pretty descriptive, but Uber is pretty much saying the opposite.

Tat Wza

Uber, backing their driver as right now, is saying the woman was intoxicated, and the driver trying to help allegedly even called 911 for assistance, except the police haven’t gotten back about the call, but do say they don’t have a complaint on file from the woman.

Apparently the ride should have taken 20 mins, instead of 2 hours(Evidence in Gallery Above). The driver is also saying she asked for an extensive ride.

Now here’s the bigger issue, this was not apart of the regular Uber set up, this was apart of their new program, UberX, a lower cost set up, that doesn’t vet the drivers as well as regular Uber, and Uber is not as vested in the money as they only charge $1 for their “safe rides fee”.

So we don’t really know if he driver is nervous, or this chick was just drunk.