IFWT_JR last shot

If you’ve never seen Fresh Prince of Bel Air (you’re crazy) and won’t get the hilarity of this comparison.

Shay Marie

Last night the Knicks were down by 2 to the Orlando Magic with 3.5 seconds left on the clock.  Pablo Prigioni inbounded the ball to J.R. Smith.  Carmelo Anthony was calling for it but Smith decided to take a long 3 as the clock winded down.  The shot didn’t even hit the rim and the Knicks lost 97-95, their sixth loss in a row, bringing their record to 2-7.  What made things worse is everyone knows Carmelo Anthony is supposed to take the last shot and he had hit a three-point shot just seconds earlier which means he was hot.

Oh yea about that comparison.  On Fresh Prince, Will Smith was the star and only good player on the team.  During the finals seconds of the game, they were down two points.  Carlton Banks fought Will for the ball and took a ridiculous last shot that cost them the game.