Rumors have it that Justin Bieber has been trying to get back with Selena Gomez but his behavior has been proving other wise. Recently Justin Bieber attended Hailey Baldwin’s 18th birthday party. Justin Bieber was on a spiritual retreat in the desert just last week and this week he was ready to cuddle up to the three girls.The sisters Kendall and Kylie posted so many pictures. Also they took this opportunity to fault all of their tiny waists. After all they are all models and Justin Bieber does have a thing for models.

Justin Bieber reportedly has something planned to get back with Selena at the American Music Awards tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what he has planned after this stunt. Kendall did address the rumors last week that there is nothing going on between her and Justin Bieber. Selena also went on Ryan Seacrest Show and said that her and Kendall were “never not friends.” But maybe there is something going on with Hailey. Haily is all over Justin Bieber in the photos. She is lending over him and Justin doesn’t seem to mind. Check the pictures in the gallery and see for yourself.

Laura Rodriguez

What do you guys think of Bieber’s behavior?

Source: x 17