IFWT_Protesters Block Cars On Highway
Protesters Block Cars On Highway, protesting for Mike Brown, still trying to get the message for justice heard, technically doing the right thing, but really at the wrong time as people on their daily grind were trying to get to work. Of course with Protesters Block Cars On Highway, and people trying to get to work, a confrontation ensued!

Tat Wza

Protesters Block Cars On Highway, and a driver, Tyree, trying to get to work that seems to not have an issue with confronting anyone in his way, and letting the news know he’s got 6 kids, and he feels like he would get fired, “Ni***s get killed every day homie, life goes on”. He even went on to try and push a protester out of the way and take hi bull horn(seemed like a organizer). Another driver was a nurse, which let it be known there are Dr.’s and Nurses here that need to get to work to save lives.

Protesters Block Cars On Highway, I ask if you were going to work, knowing getting to work is the way you live the rest of your life, you have to make money in order to pay your bills, what would you do, yes we all want justice in the world, but what is it going to take to get there? The Protesters feel like it’s going to take drastic measures, and to be honest, it will. While I was protesting in NYC, and posted it to IG, I saw many comments saying ‘oh it’s over, go home’, ‘Go get some sleep’, ‘ This makes no sense, you’re just wasting your time’. I was confused on this type of talk, and had to chalk it up to ignorance, but this is really the same attitude that Tyree displayed about ‘Ni***s get killed everyday, life goes on’, America doesn’t really get involved or care until it impacts them directly, and I believe that is why the Protesters Block Cars On Highway. Plus If people called their jobs and said ‘look, there are some protesters blocking the highway, I can’t get around them, and there are 100’s of cars out here, turn on the news.’ I doubt they would get fired. What would you do if Protesters Block Cars On Highway???