Oh, he’s living the rockstar life for real … Since the separation of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, the “Black and Yellow” star has been seen in the arms of many young ladies. Who this time? A former reality star, model, personality, etc., in the name of Deelishis.

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For the Thanskgiving holiday, Deelishis and Wiz Khalifa were photographed in a warm embrace, looking pretty chummy nonetheless – leaving inquiring minds to wonder if he’s stuffing her turkey. The rapper did just post a bootyful visual of the model and her assets, dancing to a Wiz track. Hmmm…

Just as soon as she posted the pictures to her Instagram, Deelishis took them down, but we all know how that works. She followed up the pictures with these ‘air-cleaning’ videos. I think she got her point across. “I don’t have sex with married men!”

Check out the pair in the gallery above.

But the plot thickens, ladies and gentlemen. Last month, one of Wiz’s many lady friends – since he and Amber split – used her SnapChat as an outlet to show the world that yes, she too has a piece of the Wiz. Well, according to The Shade Room, those bedroom pictures aren’t the only ones.

After seeing the Wiz and Deelishis embrace, a friend of SnapChat girl – called Sunshine – sent TSR another picture, which too can be found in the gallery, of Wiz and her friend, Sunshine with a special attachment.

Dear TSR,

I am sending this in because I am so sick of seeing Wiz Khalifa hurt my friend by constantly being seen with other women. My friend is not a h– sweetie! The truth is, Wiz would BEG her to take pictures with him in his phone. This is the same girl y’all posted last month & called a groupie. But he is the one sending her messages throughout the day and night.

I’m personally not a fan of Wiz! I decided to send this pic in because he took this photo in his bed after they made love. If you ask me, it’s all a show to make Amber jealous!

-Signed Bestfriend Of Woman In Question

Girl, bye. The alleged reason that Wiz and Amber are on a trial separation is because of his infidelities. Your friend is not going to stop that. Females, when will we learn.