IFWT_ Jay Z And Beyonce Buying 85M Mansion
Jay Z And Beyonce Buying $85M Mansion? It’s beginning to look like it, and a lot like Christmas, or at least before it. The deal is close to being wrapped up, they just have to adjust what they are offering, and they will beat the other potential buyers…

Tat Wza

Jay Z And Beyonce Buying $85M Mansion, and apparently it’s in the most exclusive part of Beverly Hills, only the super rich need apply, like the other 3 offers on the place, but if Hov and Bey are at $70M and reported not too far from what the seller is willing to part with it for, it’s looking like they will have another address to send mail too.

Jay Z And Beyonce Buying $85M Mansion, if they are this is what they get

This crib is SICK, Don’t even know where to start, the double dinning room, or the double wine spots, 1 up stairs, one in the basement, or the indoor/outdoor pool, that over looks LA, how about the entertainment set up, or the James Dean bike in the living room….looks like out NY royalty will have a palace in cali…nuts!!

Jay Z And Beyonce Buying $85M Mansion, See more detail shots in the gallery above!!!