The Vivid Cabaret Strip Club in NYC unveiled their live sexy christmas window display. I am talking about live women on display in tiny santa outfits and hats. One of the girls working at the strip cub Maria Venus which also plays a Sexy santa in the window display says, ” The Club decided to be festive this year.” She hopes to entertain a lot of walking passengers. The girls are out here in night gowns with red feathers and candy canes on display at the window. Some are even in cheeky underwear with their bare ass on the glass window. The strip club as well as the window display is located on West 37th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Check out the pics, they also caught some Asian women taking photos of the girls…

Laura Rodriguez

What do guys think of these live striper window displays? Should they have one for every season?

Source: Huffington Post