4:45pm EST UPDATE: According to tweets from various New York news outlets at a press conference earlier today, 21 firearms were confiscated during yesterday’s raid. They were laid out during the conference, and you can check the pics in the gallery. The “Hot N*gga” rapper has reportedly plead not guilty to conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder, conspiracy to commit 2nd degree assault, gun and drug charges. The full list is also in the gallery. His bail is currently set at $2 million.

The GS9 crew – which NYPD say are members of the Crips – had been under investigation for two years before they were arrested. Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan detailed how the sale of crack cocaine supplied funds for the crew to purchase firearms, and reportedly called the guys “mindless thugs.”

Original story 12pm EST: As we reported yesterday, Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew were run down on by police during a studio session at the legendary Quad Studios in New York City. As more details have been released, we’ve learned that contrary to original reports, their Epic Records A&R Sha Money XL was NOT arrested in the melee, but simply held for questioning and later released. He has since released a statement:

“I was not arrested. They held me until they searched the studio then let me go. I signed these kids to give them a better way in life not to be dragged down by the media and gunned down by the 40 cops that raided the studio and pointed guns at me for working my job. You have no idea how this makes me feel or look when I’m one of the only few black men signing black artist from the streets and giving them a chance to do better in life.”

As for the arrest, it is being said that 20 guns were uncovered from the 16 men arrested, and that this is part of a long-going investigation on the GS9 crew involving drug trafficking and shootings.

Kati Cornell, director of public information in the office of the city’s special narcotics prosecutor, says that there is a sealed indictment on GS9, and it will be revealed today in court. We will keep you updated. Check out footage below and pics in the gallery.

GS9 being removed from Quad:

GS9 leaving the precinct:

Source: WS