Curators of Hip Hop

New Hip Hop Documentary? Yes, Inspired by the deep love and desire to keep true HIP HOP culture alive in a day in age so different from its golden era, Curators of HIP HOP or “COHH”, tours through the lives of five “dreamers” going through trials and tribulations in order to make a mark in the HIP HOP world in their very first New Hip Hop Documentary film. The Whole Doc is coast to coast, From Compton to Atlanta, Brooklyn and even more. The New Hip Hop Documentary is Really Laying down a DOPE illustration of the diversity the culture has through actual music and varied voices in HIP HOP.

At 1:01 – “Its important to let people know that there are other types of music out there, and you just have to find it. And that’s what we do. We find it.”

In the New Hip Hop Documentary ,The Curators Series Rappers: Ahmad Lewis, Matt Reeves, Prie, Dee-1 and Logic. Through extremely hardworking ,incredible amounts of deamination and heart, the home audience will see the Deep Love and infancy stardom of Def Jam recording artist, Logic. In the New Hip Hop Documentary, viewers will be privy to a behind the scenes inside look at what shaped the rising succsess of Dee-1 to catch a deal with RCA Records.The New Hip Hop Documentary from COHH follows several artists from their complete base. Starting at there more underground humbling state to current fame in their core following fans and insane loyal crowds . The New Hip Hop Documentary, is being produced by A’sia Horne-Smith ,Jermaine Fletcher and Jimmie Thomas. The New Hip Hop Documentary is an all original project pieced together with poet/narrator by Sheru (also known as SK).

At 0:31 – “You have a certain feeling about things going on around you and you want to share this with people around you… this is what hip hop is to me.”

Through the constant ,inspiring dialogue these running up and coming have, as well as several established artists and everyday professionals, The Curators verifies that hip-hop isn’t dead, or even close to it with there New Hip Hop Documentary. The New Hip Hop Documentary has took four years to make. The Curators confirms that HIP HOP has now become larger than ever do to the content in the New Hip Hop Documentary.

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