The feud between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea has really sparked a dialogue about race in America, The music industry and authenticity. The Twitter dispute has spilled over to other artist stating their opinions. It appears that Solange Knowles wants to add her two cents also. Beyonce’s feisty baby sister Solange Knowles is “tweeting out”,and is on team Azealia Banks on this issue. Solange Knowles Sends A Thank You To Azealia Banks “Thank you @AZEALIABANKS” “Signed……a music fan. A black girl”

Solange is no stranger to conflict. She was just in physical altercation with her brother in law Jay-Z at the Met Ball. Over the years she has been knowned to expressed her opinions.She is the no nosense sister. She also thanked J.Cole who recently put this out

J. Cole says that the lyric about Iggy Azalea was meant to point out what he sees as capitalist overreaches into Hip Hop culture.“While silly nigga argue over who gon’ snatch the crown,” J. Cole raps on “Fire Squad.” “Look around my nigga, White people have snatched the sound / This year I’ll be probably go to the awards dappered down / Watch Iggy win a Grammy as I try to crack a smile.”

Tank has also spoke out about soulful white artist doing well. What are your thoughts; is Solange riding for justice or disturbing the peace again?