Azealia Banks Avoids Jail Time By Taking Mental Health Treatment

Azealia Banks can cross jail off the list as she will no longer be going. Instead, she was ordered to take anger management and mental health treatment after she bit a woman’s chest during an argument. The judge also ordered that Banks respect the restraining order that the woman filed against her and also not get into any more trouble with the law.

What A Gem: Reports Say Azealia Banks Slashed Her Sister’s Neck Back In 2009

Azealia Banks is headed to trial later this month, facing multiple assault charges for allegedly attacking a security guard by spitting in her face and biting her boob when she wasn’t allowed into a private party at an NYC club back in 2015. As prosecutors prepare for the legal battle, they’ve began unearthing key elements of Banks’ past, hoping to paint the picture that the “212” rapper has a history of violence and deserves some real repercussions.

Warrant Issued For Azealia Banks After She Was A No Show In Court

Azealia Banks was a no show in court after she was wanted for her boob biting case. Last year Banks was thrown in jail for biting a females boob in a night club. Bank’s reason for the biting was because the woman didn’t know she was a big celebrity. Banks was upset after she did not have an entry stamp to enter the Up&Down nightclub.

#MusicStillMatters New Music: Azealia Banks Ft. Lunice – Crown

As Azealia Banks works on two projects, Business & Pleasure and Fantasea 2, she makes sure to keep the music flowing out. The Harlem native linked up with producer Lunice and let loose the upbeat “Crown”. Banks definitely goes in on this one with her quick complex flows. Check it out after the jump!

Shocker: Azealia Banks Puts Her Bid In To Perform At The Inauguration

In news that’s completely unsurprising, Azealia Banks has put her bid in to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The controversial rapper has voiced her support of Trump in recent months, so it’s not a complete shock.

Azealia Banks Has Been Banned From Facebook

AzealiaBanksVEVO Well, that took longer than expected.

(Video) Azealia Banks Shows Off Closet Where She’s Been Sacrificing Chickens for 3 Years

Pic Source; Youtube Azealia Banks has made headlines within the last year for just about everything except her music. From throwing shade at Nicki Minaj to being kicked out of Russell Crowe’s private party. This however is on the more creepy side. While on Instagram live, Azealia showed off a really disgusting and peculiar room. That room just happened to be the room where she sacrifices chickens.

(Photos) Azealia Banks Explains Why She Did A Post-and-Delete Of Nicki Minaj Shade

Last week, Nicki Minaj debuted her gaming app, and it was uncovered that it featured a character named “Fan2Sea” who bore a striking resemblance to someone Nicki has never gotten along with – Azealia Banks. To make matters worse, Fan2Sea was DISSED within the game, and this set Banks off into one of her many Facebook rants. After calling Nicki chubby, dissing her writing skills and many other things, Banks then deleted the post and told her FB fans that it was merely a joke. However, she seems to be backtracking a bit, and is explaining just why she decided to delete it, despite meaning every word she said.

(Photo) Azealia Banks Goes In On Nicki Minaj And Gets Attacked By Barbz

Azealia Banks is back at it again! She took to Facebook to first speak on mis-carrying to then deleted. That lead into her dragging Nicki Minaj only to get dragged for doing it! Banks said Nicki should “slim down a bit” and “decrease [her] butt size.”

The DA Determines That Azealia Banks Has NO Case Against Russell Crowe

Photo Credit: Instagram A DA has made their ruling on the Azealia Banks vs. Russell Crowe case, and as many suspected, Banks was found to be in the wrong. According to the L.A. County D.A.’s Office, several witnesses confirmed that Banks picked up a glass and threatened to cut a guest’s throat, while repeatedly using a racial epithet and being verbally aggressive.

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