Azealia Banks Says She Has a “HUGE Crush” On Jay-Z, Says Beyonce Stood Her Up In The Studio


We all know Azealia Banks is no stranger in telling it like it is, no filters needed. Check out what she said about Beyonce and Jay-Z recently.

Azealia Banks Quits Social Media…Again

ifwt_Azealia Banks MAIN

She’s been banned from Twitter and left and came back to Instagram, and now Azealia Banks has taken to Facebook to announce she’ll be gone from every social network. Yeah, we’ve all seen this movie before.

(Video) Azealia Banks Speaks On Bleaching Her Skin

So I guess bleaching your skin is the in thing. But at least Azealia admits it.

(Photos) The F-Bomb. Azealia Banks Promises No More Homophobic Slurs

The native New York Native has decided to write a status of apology for letting her fans down. Azealia Banks isn’t known for keepign her mouth shut and this year it just never ended. There was several rants and argument on the rappers twitter page between both stars and fans.

(Photos) Bette Midler Question’s Why Donald Trump’s Twitter Isn’t Suspended


Azealia Banks recently got her Twitter account suspended because all she does is offend everyone with racist and sexist comments. She is basically a bully. Her and Donald Trump have a few similarities. What makes them very similar is that all they do is talk sh*t! Bette Midler is no stranger to voicing her opinion either but at least she does it with some class. Midler went to Twitter and and tweeted why Azealia Banks is suspended from Twitter and Donald Trump isn’t. Check out the tweet in the gallery after the jump!

(Photo) Azealia Banks Comes For Skai Jackson Yet Again


Sooooo apparently Azealia Banks is not yet quite done with her BS. We thought it was all over after she made a public apology for her behavior. Well now she is coming for Disney Channel star Skai Jackson yet again.

(Photo) Azealia Banks Speaks On Black People’s Mental Health

Azealia Banks’s Twitter getting suspended was not enough to stop her from expressing how she feels towards black people. The rapper took to Instagram as her new platform to speak on black people’s ‘mental health.’

Skai Jackson Opens Up To Teen Vogue About Bullying


After the public Twitter spat between Azealia Banks and Skai Jackson, Skai has been crowned the “clap back Princess”. She opened up to Teen Vogue about why she is glad her responses to Banks went as viral as her memes.

(Photo) Oop: Azealia Banks Twitter Gets Suspended

Welp, I guess the world has just about have enough with Azealia Banks. After her Twitter beef with Skai Jackson and Zayn, she was taken off the headliner list for a festival and now we see her Twitter account has possible been suspended.

(Photos) Azealia Banks Tries To Justify Her Outburst On Zayn Malik & Skai Jackson

Azealia Banks berated former One Direction singer Zayn Malik with racial epithets yesterday, after he disagreed with her insinuation that he was copying her style. She also decided to diss the UK as a whole and its music scene, which seemed rather absurd, considering that she has more fans there than she does in the U.S. At one point, 14-year-old Disney star (and meme queen) Skai Jackson innocently shared her opinion on her Twitter page, prompting Azealia to then come for her as well. The results were messy, with Skai coming out the clear winner in the situation. Since then, the backlash has been swift and harsh, and an upcoming UK festival has already dropped Azealia as the headlining act. Now she’s attempting to justify her words, saying that she was speaking out of anger, that Zayn felt he was too good to acknowledge her, and that she had to remind him that she and he are the same and are looked at as “other” because they’re people of color.

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