(Photos) DAMN! Azealia Banks Says Black Media Has Damaged Her Brand!


Azealia Banks has had enough of urban media outlets, and she’s making sure everyone knows it. After receiving heavy criticism for her Playboy cover story earlier this year, the “#ATMJAM” femcee is done dealing with well-respected media outlets like BET, HOT 97, and other urban magazines who don’t invite her anywhere “not even to take a picture of my foot.” Read her most recent Twitter rant after the jump!

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Azealia Banks Goes On Rant About Ebony Magazine & Throws Shade At Iggy Azalea


Azealia Banks has officially gained the title as the social media Shade Queen of 2015.

It seems that every time the Harlem femcee hops on any type of social media, she causes mass hysteria and comes for like 20 different people at the same time. The victims of her latest rant? Iggy Azalea and Ebony Magazine.

Banks took to her Twitter to post a photo of an article featured in Ebony Magazine comparing her to Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea.

“The only time I made it 2 ebony magazine was in discussion of another white woman. Black media is counter-productive,” she wrote. “I beg black media publications to stop covering Azealia Banks. You have done the MOST to damage my brand.”

Take a look at her full rant in the gallery. Do you agree or disagree with Azealia? Sound off below.

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Azealia Banks Wants To Go Back To School!


Harlem femcee Azealia Banks is infamous for starting controversy online with basically…. every single rapper in the industry. However come to find out, the slick talker doesn’t even have her GED or her license!

Banks took to her Twitter to say, “I want to get my GED/TASC and my drivers license by the end of 2015.”

She then asked, “How does one take an online course? what does that entail?”

As imagined, people started ripping Banks a new one, asking how she’s going to always criticize everyone else but didn’t even graduate high school and can’t even drive a car. OUCH! She is 24-years-old so at this point, it’s now or never.

Do you agree with the Azealia slander or is she getting props for trying to at least go back to get her GED now? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts on this.

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Azealia Banks Criticizes Nicki Minaj Wax Figure


Last week Nicki Minaj was honored by Maddame Tussad’s wax museum with her very own wax figure that paid tribute to her hit song ‘Anaconda.’ Nicki was thrilled by acknowledgement of the museum and called the figure ‘iconic.’ The figure has been loved all around by fans and admirers of the rap queen, except for one, fellow rapper Azealia Banks. This doesn’t come as much of a shock as Banks seems to have criticism for everything and everyone these days.

Hit the jump for more.

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Azealia Banks’ Music Releases On Halt Until 2016 Due To “Bad Business Partners”


While Azealia Banks seems to be looking at this experience with a level head, we know it must hurt as an artist not being able to have the world listening to your craft creation. It looks like while she was going in on all other fellow artists, Banks should have been reading the fine print in her management contract. The very vocal femcee takes to Twitter to announce that she can not release any new material until March 2016.

Find out more down bottom.

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(Photo) Messy Mondays: Azealia Banks Comes For K. Michelle Due To The Cancellation Of Their Tour


Lordt, Jesus be a fence from these demons … Azealia Banks sends out some [per her usual] less than tasteful jabs at K. Michelle, following the cancellation of their North American tour.

Find out more at the bottom.

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(Photos) Azealia Banks Calls Nicki Minaj Out For ‘Stealing Her Ideas’ And Defends Meek’s Diss Track


Azealia Banks comes for Nicki Minaj saying that she stole her ideas, then speaks out on the Meek Mill vs Drake drama.

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(Photo) Wait, WHET: Azealia Banks Says Erykah Badu “Ain’t About That Life”


Girl, just … NO! Some people’s music will just remain shaded by their ability to respond to EVERYTHING. Apparently, Erykah Badu voiced her opinion on Azealia Banks’ music [months ago], only to have Banks issue out a slap warning and a location where the two would be able to meet up and throw down.

When a Twitter user pondered on the recent beefs in music, including Banks and Babu’s historical shade, the talkative Banks chimed in.

More after the jump.

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Azealia Banks Goes OFF About Action Bronson’s Beef With Ghostface ‘I Want To See Him Get F**ked Up So Badly’


Azalea Banks never misses an opportunity to stir up controversy and trouble when ever she sees fit. Well the latest beef between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson was certainly a situation she could not miss out on. Banks went on a full blown twitter rant this morning basically hoping that GFK will kick Bronson’s ass.

It’s no secret that Banks does not like Bronson. Just last year, the two got into it arguments via Twitter, where Bronson wound up publicly body shaming her, criticizing her music, and making accusations that she wanted to have sex with him. He eventually apologized but clearly Banks is still feeling some type of way.

Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

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What You’ve Been Waiting For: Azealia Banks’ Thoughts On Rachel Dolezal

Azealia Banks x Rachel Dolezal

You knew it was coming! Ever since news of Rachel Dolezal and her #Transracial theory hit the web, we’ve all been waiting for the outspoken Azealia Banks to add her two cents on the matter. And finally, it has arrived – and did not disappoint!

“LMFAOOOOOO I dunno why this Rachael Dolezal thing is so fucking hilarious to me lol this is like some shit off madTV LOLOLOL,” the “212” rapper began on Monday night. “LMFAO AT HER KINKY CURLY YAKI WIG THOOOOO OMGGGG. Are a whole bunch of white people about to come out as transracial?”

She then slept on it, and continued to add more the next morning.

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