The hype for Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie characters is real. Fao Schwarz a very popular Toy store in New York City and the oldest toy store in the Unites States is responsible for this madness. The toy store is selling $5,000 Elsa dolls. The doll company Madame Alexander recently debuted the special limited edition Elsa doll. So why is she so expensive? So for starters her blue gown is deocrated with 5,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals. The dolls beautiful platinum hair comes with snowflakes braided into her hair. Plus she holds a Swarovski crystal snowflake in her hand. But wait she is also custom-made to order! So parents check that list your daughter’s barbie might be expensive this year..

Laura Rodriguez
IG: @P_E_A_C_H_Y_

Check out the gallery for a photo of the 5k doll.

Thoughts? Do you think the doll is worth 5k? What kind of parents will buy this ridiculous gift.

Source: AmNY.com