Iggy Azalea

Literally, Iggy Azalea cannot win (aside from the fact she’s making CRAZY amounts of money and has numerous hit songs topping the charts.) The African-American Hip-Hop community just cannot seem to accept Iggy and her Australian femcee rappin’ ways. Recently, Q-Tip went off on a two hour rant via his Twitter page to “school” Iggy on Hip-Hop. This caused Iggy’s Hustle Gang label’s head honcho T.I. to get involved and to run to her aid. Shortly after, artists such as Lupe Fiasco and will.i.am also jumped on Twitter and added their two cents in on how Iggy DOES have a place in Hip-Hop and that race shouldn’t matter anymore in 2014.

Being that Lupe is known for his extremely..um… strong views on black power and so on, his mentions were being LIT UP for running to the “Fancy” rapper’s defense. He wasted no time to clap back at the haters and give them a taste of how he feels regarding black consciousness. Let’s just say sh*t got REAL, REAL QUICK! Azalea Banks has yet to chime in adding her two cents about all of the drama regarding Iggy but I’m sure she will anyyyyyyy second now. Check out the drama-filled tweets over in the gallery. Do you think Iggy Azalea has a place in Hip-Hop? Or are people just hating on the Auzzie artist because she’s a white girl in a predominately black field? Drop your comments below.

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