Master P Offers Reward

In more social justice and Hip Hop news, Percy Miller aka Master P Offers Reward for Help in Unsolved Murder in hopes of bringing a Kentucky man to justice. This is also an effort by the mogul to bring some meaningful change out of the “stop snitching” atmosphere that leaves many families without peace.

Charles Fambrough was a father of one killed nearly two years ago in a case that has still brought about no results. Frustrated to say the least, the now anti-violence and social activist (check out his work with the Let The Kids Grow Foundation), former athlete, rapper, No Limit All Stars captain and 504 OG hustler Master P Offers Reward for Help in Unsolved Murder. While in Kentucky handing out bicycles to children who’ve lost family to gun violence, he spoke on the issue. Megan Brown, the fiance of the late Charles Fambrough, hopes this will inspire someone to step up and “do the right thing.” Master P had this to say:

“Somebody come forward [or] whoever got anything to do with this or you know somebody – somebody sitting around bragging at home thinking it’s a joke, it’s not a joke.”

Though he hasn’t set a number to the reward, he’s not about to fall back. Megan Brown says she still has no idea who killed Charles after he left his mother’s home that fateful day. She continues to raise their now three year old son as a single mother.

It’s reported in Master P Offers Reward for Help in Unsolved Murder that he will “award as much money as necessary” to find the killer(s).

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