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Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh was initially suspended for their upcoming playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys for stepping on Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers leg.  Suh won his appeal of the suspension but he was still fined $70,000.  While some people felt he deserved the punishment, some said it was unintentional and the league used a heavy hand because 1. Suh has a reputation and past history of dirty tactics and 2. the league has a very soft spot for Aaron Rodgers and does everything possible to protect him.  Well Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford’s fiancée is apart of the latter group.

Shay Marie

Matthew Stafford’s fiancée Kelly Hall took to her Instagram account and posted a picture of Stafford’s busted leg along with an article from The Detroit News stating that if it wasn’t Suh and Rodgers, there wouldn’t have been any fine at all.  She then posted this caption with it:

Thank you. Pretty sure Matthew’s leg looks a lot damn worse right now from when he got stepped on/cleated in the same game. But it wasn’t Suh.. And he’s not Aaron Rodgers, so no one would think twice about it.#nflbias #givemeabreak #DETROITvsEVERYBODY

So does she have a point?

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