Christina Milian x Lil Wayne

Christina Milian’s reality show, Christina Milian Turned Up, will premiere this weekend on E! So, you know what that means – the promo trail is in full effect! In a new interview with The Singers Room, Tina Turn Up discusses the show and the music that she’s working on, but most importantly – opens up about her beau, Lil Wayne. After making him her #MCM earlier this week, it’s clear that she’s finally starting to be more open about their relationship, and the interview is even more telling…though she still remains coy when directly asked about their status.

“We didn’t even have any rehearsal time, it was all about chemistry,” Tina Turn-Up said about their performance at the American Music Awards in November. “Moving forward now for the two of us, we already know what it’s like now to do that together. When we stepped off the stage, we were like two little kids acting like we never performed in our entire life, we were kissing on each other and all excited.”

Marisa Mendez

Kissing on each other, huh? Sounds pretty serious! When asked about their status, though, she said this:

“I really respect him and enjoy working with him. We’ve definitely grown closer in the last few months. I feel very fortunate to be working with him, and I admire him as a musician and what he’s done with his business. Being his artist, I feel fortunate that he believes in me. People definitely see us around a lot together (laughs), but we have a very cool relationship. I think it’s a relationship to be protected because the world has something to say about everything. If it’s something worth anything, I think it’s best to enjoy and live for yourself. So yeah, that’s probably the best answer I can give you (laughs).”

Source: TSR