IFWT_Focused Funk Flex
I know I know I know, so many of you outside looking in, you’re saying ‘Nooooo, don’t do it Flex’, looking up at the statuesque figure of the Big Homie, Jay Z, seemingly just ignoring that Funk Flex is a legend in the Hip Hop Game, but I get why, Jay has grown beyond Hip Hop. Well Jay is def bigger than Hip Hop, and he is a Don, but as Flex put it, he’s “the Don of his own Bubble”, it’s just seems like more because his ‘Bubble’ is pretty big, but it’s still HIS Bubble.

Tat Wza

Now Jay Z has a strong fan base, as he should, so this isn’t gonna fly with a lot, no matter the reason, which is fine, everyone should stick to their guns, as fans, that’s what fans are for.

But let me ask you this, if you as a fan were in the business you’re in, and someone in your business has a bigger portfolio, and starts ordering you around based off what they have, They are not your boss, they just have more money than you, are you good with that??? Based on what ever your answer is(which I would assume you’re saying NO, unless you’re a sheep), it’s pretty much the same thing with Flex and HOV.

I also see some saying ‘Jay is too big to care about Dipset’, that’s cool, and you should have your own opinion, but you guys really don’t know this industry, shouldn’t you have an ‘informed’ opinion, meaning all the facts before you judge?? Ok you’re a Jay Z fan, and you believe no one on the planet can fuck with him, again in his bubble, def not, but if one is not in his bubble, why do they have to bow down? IF Flex can’t play Dipset records at a Jay Z establishment, then that most definitely means Jay is holding the Dips back, and if Jay’s website is reaching out about Dipset, they are looking to hold them back again, get a game plan together, see how they can move around Flex to shut it down, and that’s gonna mess with Money, and from a street POV, I don’t know where that’s cool. And everyone saying ‘Jay Z can buy your life’, come on with that Master/Slave mentality, yes he has an Empire, and a Shit load of money, but how does that equal control of EVERYTHING??? That mentality was instilled from Slavery, not just American Slavery but Slavery throughout time, those with power control those without….

As far as the App, people can say ‘oh samsung did tha app not Jay’, or ‘why would Jay Z need Flex for an App’, If you can I’m gonna need you to think about that one, what has Jay done digitally that let’s you know he doesn’t need help?? His website, LifandTimes.com, do you go to that, or has any significant news spawned from that?? Is Jay really on Social Media?? The App in question, the MCHG, have you opened it since the album dropped, is there any new content you get from it(and IF Samsung was really running that App,they would have kept it going)?? If you really look at it, not as a fan, but just look at it, Jay is not really digital, and he doesn’t have to be, he’s still Jay Z, but if he’s going to do something Digital, he would need some help with it, AND knowing this Business, he’s not going to out right ask for help because perception is there is nothing he can’t do. Now I’m a HOV FAN(I’m from Bed-Stuy, so by Default, I rep the Roc), but I was apart of that app(#DjFunkFlexApp), and I did feel a way when we didn’t even get a mention when MCHG dropped, not even a ‘You made a hot App, I made it way hotter’ line from him, as if all of our hard work meant nothing to him(which it didn’t, ok, but it did to us), an I was a little mad at Flex for letting it slide just because of his ‘Respect’ for Jay. I didn’t necessarily want us to get at him, but I wanted Funk to get an interview and ask about the similarities, see what Jay would have said, but when LifeandTimes reached out about Dipset, I knew Flex did what he had to, I wanted this Tour to happen as it really is going to be GREAT for NYC hip hop, and I’m SOOOOO tired of NY hip hop being called ‘lame’. And anyone saying ‘This ain’t 2002, Dipset ain’t it’, well let this tour happen, let’s see if some Great music doesn’t come out, the city gets super Fuego, then say that, have vision for ahead, not just hindsight.

As for Flex still playing Jay Z/Rocafella records, and postings on the site…. yeah that’s gonna happen, there is NO hate in our Blood, Flex never said he not fucking with Jay Z(Flex may have said a couple things in the heat of the moment, but believe it or not, there is Still respect), we just wanted to not bow down to another man, we just want to do what we need to do in order to keep moving. You can Hate that, but that’s on your Karma, not ours.