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P Diddy Prays For The “Dreamers” Everyone can use a friend like Diddy in their life. He has a determination out of this world. Just when you think The mogul who’s worth 700 million and counting has reached his peak. He comes back with so much enthusiasm and full steam. He truly “can’t and won’t stop.” Diddy is known for dropping jewels on his social media.Lately he has been really pushing dreams. It’s really important now more than ever to purse your dreams. Waiting to get picked or moving up in a job doesn’t exist anymore you must purse your dreams period end of discussion. P Diddy realizes the importance of tapping into a higher power. P Diddy Prays For The “Dreamers” Tune into what I like to call Diddy’s Motivational Messages On The Gram after the jump.

P Diddy is excited he’s getting ready to hit the stage with Snoop Dogg for All star weekend. What other rappers do you think will join the two forces on stage? Maybe Drake? That would be an interesting turn of events. By the looks of things you don’t want to miss the show on February 12th because “It’s About To Go Down” In his latest post he tells our very own DJ Funk Flex to “Drop A Bomb On it”

“Tell Flex To Drop A Bomb On It”

Did you take is now at Live from the Madison Square Garden did it Thursday, February 12 watch this

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P Diddy Prays For The “Dreamers”

#watch my prayer to you this morning! #DIDDYS15secondsOfMOTIVATION #LetsGo #GodBless

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Diddy’s Motivational Messages On The Gram

Another Episode of Diddy’s Motivational Messages On The Gram

Watch you come to the concert! Tickets at @snoopdogg

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