What some are calling The Worst Play Ever, the Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell, explains the method to this madness, as he claims the game clock had been on his mind the entire time…WOAH really? Believe it or not, further details below!

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Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell says the play call that may have ultimately cost his team the Super Bowl was made with the game clock in mind.

The Seahawks had second-and-goal at the New England 1 with 26 seconds to go Sunday, but instead of giving the ball to running back Marshawn Lynch, Seattle ran a slant route intended for receiver Ricardo Lockette that was intercepted by Malcolm Butler in the Seahawks’ 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots.

“We were conscious of how much time was on the clock and we wanted to use it all,” Bevell said. “It didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would.

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The decision had been that of coach Pete Carroll, as he said the play was based on New England’s defensive formation…now Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell, wishes they could’ve done things differently!!

“Of course I can say now I wish we had done something different. There are 20 different things going through my mind that we can do. If you run it that doesn’t mean you would score on that play.”

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said the play call was ultimately his and he made it based on New England’s defensive formation.

“I made the decision,” Carroll said. “I said, ‘Throw the ball,’ and we went with the play that we thought would give us a chance to get in the end zone.”

Carroll defended their call as a logical choice with the Patriots stacking the box to stop Lynch.

“We were going to run the ball in to win the game, but not on that play,” Carroll said. “I didn’t want to waste a run play on their goal-line guys. It was a clear thought, but it didn’t work out right. The guy [Butler] made a play that no one would have thought he could make.”