Ooop! Looks like Christina Milian is out here really trying to live up to her moniker ‘Tina Turn Up’.The pint sized Latina showed us a little of her spicy side when she went on to get her nips pierced on new show “Christina Milian: Turned Up, but looks like the songstress is looking to add some new enhancements to her petite frame? Yup. Ooop…. Christina Milian bares her entire a** on reality TV show & now considering getting but implants? Indeed. Watch C.Milli’s consultation with plastic surgeon inside.

While Christina Milian is no doubt a beautiful girl, looks like the songstress/MILF is wanting to now fill her silhouette out to have a little more curvature?? Shrugs. Could this somehow have something to do with her beau Weezy’s penchant for the thick and lusty type?? Well whatever it is, it sent Christina and sister to have quite the enlightening visit and consultation with a Beverly Hill plastic surgeon to see how she could get a booty like JLo?? Watch C.Mili test out her very own new donk below.

Andrea G
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You think Christina could use a little help back there? Peep the gallery to see what she’s currently working with. You be the judge. Share your thoughts.