A$AP Yams Tribute Tee by A$AP Mob

RIP: Available on pre-order now is the approval-stamped gear to keep the memory of New York’s own innovative and gone-to-soon spirit alive. A$AP Mob Releases Official A$AP Yams Memorial Tee in commemoration, celebration and dedication of its founder and creative visionary.

A$AP Yams was saluted during the tribute segment of the 2015 Grammy Awards, and as the net poured in more love, endearing thoughts and prayer hand emojis, it was clear the spirit of Yams will live on. In addition will his contributions in curating, branding, and organizing the launch of the A$AP empire to literally worldwide recognition. It’s only right in that sense for a visual representation to endure, and now A$AP Mob Releases Official A$AP Yams Memorial Tee.

A$AP Mob Releases Official A$AP Yams Memorial Tee and the shirt in particular (check the gallery up top) is an all-black background with two illustrated images of Yams, one larger in a hoody with a blue theme and the smaller in a red theme with a fitted hat. The images drape against a airbrush-esque purple brick wall, underneath a sparkling purple and gold blocked “REST IN PEACE” across the top. On the bottom bears his name in sparkling gold and his birth-to-death dates minimized in blue. Stretched down in vertical type is asap worldwide gracing the right side of the illustration, header and footer.

The tribute by A$AP Mob Releases Official A$AP Yams Memorial Tee is said to “emulate the 90’s style tour tee that has become popular.” It’s available on the A$AP website from sizes “small” to “XXL.” With love.


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