Amber Rose is working to widen her fanbase and increase her following and you can tell by the way she has been marketing herself recently . The Former stripper current actress is now taking it to another level by writing a book on her upcoming titled ‘ How To Be a Bad B*tch ” Hop into the post for details !

Amber Rose is becoming a Emerging entrepreneur and is becoming established in many different fields . Amber Rose will be a published author. The Publishers of her book go by the name of Simon and Schuster and they confirm that with RadarOnline her first book ‘How To Be A Bad B*tch’ is said in stone for a November release.

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Amber Rose has said in previous interviews that the book will be covering her past “Mistakes ” that she has made in the industry and before entering the industry “So other girls do not have to do the same “.

Amber Rose has even compared herself to Jesus , saying that she made the mistakes for others benefits , hmmm interesting Amber Rose …. Interesting

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I Mean Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa better be careful

Shoot So Should all of the Kardashians !

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