You can always count on Charles Barkley to give you a refreshingly honest opinion, regardless of who is going to like or not like what he has to say. Today he is calling out a bunch of members of the sports media (and let’s be honest, a bunch of them deserve to be called out) and he got specific, saying names and hurling insults.


During a discussion about Kevin Durant’s on-again-off-again feud with the media during an appearance Thursday on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Barkley segued into a rant about “clowns on the Internet” before later segueing again into a harsh critique regarding the integrity of sports media bigwigs Peter Vecsey, Skip Bayless, and Phil Mushnick.

“Listen, the media, for the most part … they’re good people. I mean, I’ve been in this for 30 years, you know, Peter Vecsey is a scumbag, Skip Bayless is a scumbag. I think … Phil Muschnick from New York, he’s a scumbag,” Barkley tells Patrick. “But most of the media … are really good people…”

Charles has had some issues in the past with everyone he just mentioned, so his opinion could be biased, but doesn’t mean he is wrong. I think many people would say the same about Skip Bayless because of the mockery he makes out of sports reporting. I realize the show he is on gets great ratings out of it, but he clearly has personal agendas when he speaks.

Calling someone a scumbag in the professional world may be too harsh of a word to some, but everyone has an opinion.