(Photos/Videos): Black Twitter Clapbacks at BuzzFeed’s #RealBlackPeopleQuestions

Black Twitter had a great time clap backing to Buzzfeed’s decision to have a short video clip of Black people answering #RealBlackPeopleQuestions….more like #RealBlackStereotypeQuestions

(Photos) NBA: Derrick Rose Says, “I Know I’m Great!”

The Bulls have had nothing short of a few storybook seasons over the past few years but unfortunately, the stories did not have the greatest of endings. From D.Rose being plagued by injuries to the constant upsets in the playoffs, the Bulls have battled to remain a significant force in the Eastern Conference. Today during media day, D. Rose was questioned about criticism he receives about his game and his response was, “I Know I’m great!”

Bobbi Kristina’s Casket Photo Sold To The Highest Bidder

According to the latest report on TMZ, a casket photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been sold to the highest bidder for six-figures. This comes shortly after reports were circulating that and ‘extended family member’ had snapped a photo of her while she laid on her deathbed. The feuding Houston and Brown families feared this would happened. Read more below.

NBA: Steph Curry’s Wife, Ayesha, Has A Message For People Who Think Their Daughter Riley Is Distracting

The worst thing you ever want to do is make a mother go into protection mode when it comes to their kids. The “mama bear” will come out and you have no chance. While I wouldn’t call this situation quite that, it is safe to say Ayesha Curry is tired of people trying to knock her husband for having their adorable daughter, Riley, with him during press conferences.

(Video) LMAO! Kyrie Irving Sets The Media Straight About LeBron!

After the Cavs reacquired LeBron James, it is obvious that the great would be have a huge impact on his teammates and the entire atmosphere in Cleveland but to what extent do the reporters think? Last week, a reporter asked LBJ an awkward question regarding Kyrie–while he was right there–but that doesn’t even take the cake! Click more to view the video!

(Video) NBA: Awkward! Reporter Asks Lebron To Criticize Kyrie Irving While He Sits Right There!

Lebron James & The Cavs lost a classic playoff game to the Bulls last night thanks to Derrick Rose and his incredible buzzer beating three pointer. The game could have went either way as it was a battle throughout the night and the Bulls got the final possession. After the game a reporter couldn’t help point out to Lebron that Kyrie Irving had no assists.

(Video) NBA: Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Goes Off On The Media For “Lies” About John Wall’s Injury

The Wizards and their fans are already on edge as they wait to see if John Wall’s season is over or not after five separate fractions were discovered in his hand. Currently doctors say his hand is too swollen to properly diagnose it, so at least for now the team can hope he will play, although the odds are very low. Understandably things around the team are tense and it led to coach Randy Wittman calling out a specific reporter for what he says are complete lies about Wall’s injury.

(Video) NBA: Derrick Rose To The Media: “I’m Built For This Sh*t”

Derrick Rose just got beat for the game winning basket in game 4 of the Bulls series with the Bucks but at the moment he is not phased. Rose was beat for a game winning layup at the buzzer by Jerryd Bayless, which now leaves Chicago up 3-1 and headed back to Chicago to likely close things out. Rose didn’t let the play get him down as he sounds like he is at an all time high confidence wise and wasn’t shy about sharing it with the media.

NBA: LeBron James Caught Media Member Taking Half Naked Photo of Him in the Locker Room

Media members in the locker room following a game is a tricky situation.  The media usually waits for the player to get dressed before beginning the scrum and some players don’t mind beginning before they’re fully clothed.  Either way it’s not the ideal situation as some players are speaking and others are still getting dressed while there’s tons of people and cameras in the room.  There’s been cases made against media access to the locker room and incidents like this help to reinforce them.

NBA: Kobe Bryant On Why He Only Has One MVP Award: “Because the media votes on it”

Continuing the pattern of “no f*cks given” Kobe Bryant, he divulged a lot of information on The Grantland Basketball Hour.  One of the topics he spoke on, is the fact that he only has one league MVP award despite an illustrious career.  Bryant has a simple explanation for that.

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