(Video) Common + Erykah Badu Sit Down With Complex To Discuss The Making Of “The Light”


“The Light” is a timeless record for sure – with the infusion of rap and soul, it wasn’t typical track that you could hear then or now.

Common and Erykah Badu take the record to new heights with the visuals of the couple being captured in all their glory.

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(18+*Video) OUCH! The ‘Oral Copulation’ Self-Defense Course

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Ummm, even though a very old video, beyond effective! The defense from a forced BJ.

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(Photos) OK! Could There Be Another Whitney Houston Project In The Works??


Record Executive, Clive Davis –known for the discovery of numerous talented music artists– sat down with a reporter from the LA Times to discuss his annual Pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills. Of course, the conversation shifted to that of the late, great Whitney Houston, where Mr. Davis mentioned a new project is on the way: the project, he deems, is close to his heart.

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(Video) Remember This?!? Arsenio Hall Stands Up To Protesters At His Show!!

IFWT_Arsenio Hall

Contrary to the newness associated with Arsenio Hall’s late-night talk show, he’s been here before. With that being said, it’s pretty clear that hosting a show (for the second time) requires a toughness seen by no other host. Back in either 1993 or 1994, while hosting his show, Hall was heckled by multiple protesters while performing his opening routine. Instead of shying away from the controversy, he walked up to them to hear them out right before he dismissed their claims. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) LOL! Subway Panhandler Turns Table On Passengers!!


In case you didn’t know, whenever you step onto a subway train, you are fair game for panhandlers. But, that’s beside the point. On a SEPTA train (Philly), one man switched it up for those that don’t believe in the previous statement. When he enters the train, he asks for everyone’s attention. Despite the rolling eyes, he gets it. Check out what else he gets after the jump.

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(Video) Oprah Winfrey And David Letterman Discuss The Origin Of Their 20-Year Fued!!!


That’s right, Even Oprah had her share of public beef. Unlike the recent bashing of her by “The Color Purple” Co-Star Rae Dawn Chong, this one was brought to light by her constant refusal to appear on David Letterman’s late night show. Being a comedian, it wasn’t long before she became the butt of his jokes for some time. Apparently, her dislike for the show came from personal experiences. On Oprah’s OWN Network, she sits down for a conversation with Letterman and they put it all on the table. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) LOL! Golden Girls Drop It Like It’s Hot!!!


I heard that death comes in threes, and these three women carry on tradition as they KILL it in this twerking video! Taking inspiration from Miley Cyrus’ recent twerk-spree, I can tell that they’ve been practicing.

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(Videos) IFWT Celebrates The 15th Anniversary Of Big Pun’s Capital Punishment

Big Pun

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Big Pun’s debut and classic album, Capital Punishment. There’s no doubting that this album set the tone for Pun’s short but legendary career. The album peaked at #5 Billboard 200 charts and #1 on the Top R&B Albums chart for two weeks, was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 1999 Grammys, and was the first Latin hip hop record to go platinum. Sadly, this album was the only album released before Pun’s untimely death. Watch an interview with Pun about the album and some music videos from Capital Punishment below.

RIP, Big Pun!

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(Video) LMAO! Is This Sisqo Performing The “Thong Song” 13 Years Later ?!?!


LMAO! This is hilarious! Ok, so, do you remember the “Thong Song” – back in 2000 Sisqo had every big, small, tall, short, black, and white women going out to buy a pair of the draws made of string. Well, the Dru Hill member has stepped out from the darkness and performed at a teeny tiny sports bar and did the leg kick (the one he did in the video). This time he doesn’t have a full beach to do that leg kick in. PLEASE drop down bottom and check this one out!

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(Video) IFWT Remembers The Notorious B.I.G.: Angie Martinez Interviews Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige

Angie Martinez & Biggie

In an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Angie talks East Coast/West Coast rap and if Biggie was playing Faith in the “Get Money” video. Check out the video after the jump and don’t forget to check out Mister Cee’s BET Cypher in honor of Big on Monday.

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