Nostalgia at it’s finest. The good ol’ Kanye has made a rare reappearance, thanks to site “The New Kanye”. Hit the jump for this exclusive video of a lost tape from his classic debut album’s cover photo shoot, The College Dropout.

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This 40-second video was posted of Ye in the signature bear costume while posing for the album art of the 2004 project. He is shown sitting on a set of bleachers with the mascot head next to him, before dancing with the full costume on.

The College Dropout if you forgot won Best Rap Album at the Grammy’s that year, as well as “Jesus Walks” taking home the Best Rap Song award. His award-winning album also is certified platinum 3 times, selling 3 million copies. So soulful.

Unfortunately there is no embed for this video yet, so head over to this link to see the footage.