Stephen Jackson says he’s still having relations with his wife like a married couple so he’s asking a judge to throw out her divorce petition.

Shay Marie

According to TMZ Sports, Jackson says the judge should NOT grant his wife Renata a divorce because he believes she’s just trying to score a prenup payout when in actuality, they’re still very much a couple.

Jackson says Renata’s payout under the prenup is based on his net worth at the time she filed for divorce in 2013 and since he was still playing in the NBA at the time, the payout would be significantly larger.

In new docs filed in state court in Georgia, Jackson says he can prove his marriage wasn’t dead then and it isn’t dead now because he’s still having sex with his wife on the regular.

In fact, Stephen says he often still takes her on fancy vacations to places like The Bahamas, Cancun and Jamaica and of course has sex with her there too.  Which leads to this explanation Stephen included in new court docs — “Despite filing for divorce, [Renata] continued her relationship with [Stephen] in an effort to ‘have her cake and eat it, too.'”

This seems like a lose, lose situation for Jackson.  He’ll either have to cut a big check or keep dealing with a pissed off wife.