Its been reported that Kevin Gates is no longer in a relationship , but it looks like he has his eyes on an icon early. Hop into the post to watch Kevin Gates crown Oprah Winfrey as his WCW all over Instagram. #IFWT

Kevin Gates is far from one to bite his tonged and rarely the one with nothing to say. The outspoken southern rapper , Kevin Gates speaks on his WCW in a video and that WCW just so happens to be Oprah !

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Kevin Gates decided to give one of the most powerful women in the world , Oprah Winfrey the title as his WCW (Women Crush Wednesday ) on Monday after making a couple jokes about the talk show host in her expense.

Oprah Winfrey attended the 87th Annual Academy awards for her production credits in the Martin Luther King Biopic Film ‘Selma’ . Oprah Winfrey’s Impression on Kevin Gates must have been something special.

Kevin Gates says he enjoys a hardworking women and would take a women like Oprah over a female with no ambition.

Hey I Mean it is a compliment , a pretty nice one at that.

If you were Oprah Winfrey would you take this as a compliment or would you be offended ?

Its said that Kevin Gates has a sensitive side, maybe this gentlemen like side you see at the end of the video resonates from that ?

Well I Mean its better then smashing his cousin…


What do you think Oprah Winfrey would do if Kevin Gates ? well here is the video !