Laura Govan recently revealed she went through some tough times after a miscarriage really took a toll on her emotions. She was pregnant with her fifth child with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas when the miscarriage happened and it left her devastated.



“Basketball Wives LA” star Laura Govan says she recently suffered a miscarriage when she was pregnant with her 5th child with Gilbert Arenas … but says she’s finally ready to move on.

Govan says she only found out she was pregnant about a month ago … and says she believes she was about 3 months along … but lost the child a short time later.

“When it happened I didn’t want to talk about or deal with it,” Laura said on Instagram … “but now I’m ready to get my life back on track!”

Laura says she gained roughly 15 pounds during the pregnancy — but is now focused on losing the weight.

“This is something REAL that happens every day to women like you and me and it’s real easy to feel alone, confused and unsure about how to handle or deal with the struggle.”

“Thank God for my REAL friends and family who allowed me to do me and take some time away to get back to focus. #inRealLife I’m so thankful for all your support …. Let’s get it … And Thank You for the LOVE.”