Two Babies Found on Side Road

“Parents Just Don’t Understand” is an understament: A pair of Connecticut Parents Admit To Bringing Kids on Drug Deals and it doesn’t stop there, with a crazy police stop that’s earned them a slot as contender for the year’s worst (SMH!).

Some say a family who does business together–sticks together, but the exact opposite is proven in the case of Parents Admit To Bringing Kids on Drug Deals. The situation is so full of “damn shame” head nods you might wonder about human nature or humble some of your bad decisions to–not so bad–status! Complex and Hartford Courant report the family of William Kulas age 31 and Ingrid Walczyk age 29 are now reeling at the arrest of their West Hartford, Connecticut parents who in a police stop were revealed to have been pulled over last week for possession of 50 pounds of heroin (yikes!). But it doesn’t stop there.

The Parents Admit To Bringing Kids on Drug Deals took a turn when they admitted that their six and three year old (who were in the car during the stop) are frequently on the “Ride Along” with them. After that statement came the shocker that 14 pounds of heroin was actually stashed in the jacket of the youngest child at the time– #FlagOnThePlay #TimeOut #HolUp!!! Not only that, but Ingrid Walczyk was also found to be in possession of “drug paraphernalia” (SMH). The total charges are as follows:

“These awesome parents face charges for narcotics possession, conspiracy to possess narcotics, and risk of injury. Walczyk’s failure to wear a seatbelt charge is the petty icing on this f*cked up cake.”

…damn (SMH), the seatbelts too. [C’moooon SON.] Hope the kids will be alright… This is the latest reported parent-child crime since the couple busted for drugs and stealing 57 blocks of cheese among $300 worth of goodies from Walmart–with the baby in the backseat (SMH) and more recently the couple found with $2 million worth of heroin in their car’s diaper box (SMH!), which is a new record* in California.

Take a few seconds to check the vid then tell me this: what do you say to your kids when you’re a dealer and this happens? If/when they see them again, what do you say after this??? Don’t forget the gallery up top for more on the Parents Admit To Bringing Kids on Drug Deals.

Let’s do better, people.

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