_Victim Of Brooklyn McDonald's Fight Brags About Newfound Fame Online

Update: At least 5 Arrests have been made in the Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown of 15 year old Ariana Taylor including it’s ring-leader, who had 10 prior arrests before this incident. Since they’re trying her as an adult she faces a hard sentence if found guilty of all robbery and gang assault charges…

Update on Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown:

The list of arrests have been growing since the brutal Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown in Brooklyn a couple days ago, including a notable surrender of 16 year old Mercedes Wilkinson earlier today. 17 year old Tilani Marshall and an unnamed 15-year-old both from Brooklyn were arrested overnight according to the NY Daily News and New York Pix 11 News. The 14 year old was the one caught trying to high-tail it at the airport (her name not being revealed due to her age), and 17 year old Aniah Ferguson–identified as “the ring-leader” of the Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown is being charged as an adult.

“Ferguson reportedly told police that the beatdown was weeks in the making. She apparently made statements to investigators that she’d been looking for the victim since January because of an ongoing dispute. She could face 25 years in prison if convicted.”

(Daaaamn). All the girls face robbery and gang assault charges though Aniah Ferguson has had 10 prior arrests (yikes!), no doubt this will affect her court proceedings. Unfortunately the 15 year old victim has taken the situation to the head and donned an attitude of “internet fame” with the following:

“The 15-year-old teen victim, who is not cooperating with police, but is reportedly bragging on Facebook about her new-found Internet fame. She commented that her “11s” looked “gucci” during the melee, which means in teen vernacular that her Jordan sneakers looked good. The teen, thanked the dozens of people who said she’s “famous now,” and even posted a screenshot of the video posted to rapper Lil Durk’s Instagram page.”

…SMH. The group was arraigned in court today, details still developing.

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Original Post on Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown:

A 15 year old girl brutally being attacked at a fast food establishment in Flatbush Brooklyn, has sent shockwaves through a community as well parents that have seen the horrific scene and now are worried about the safety of their own teens. Well luckily for authorities as well as a turned upside down community, one of the teens involved in brutal gang style McDonald’s beat down caught trying to flee at airport. SMH. Get details inside.

Millions were shocked, appalled, and utterly disgusted after watching a 3 minute clip filled with brutality and helplessness after watching a grotesque video of a 15 year old teen girl being beat to a pulp by at least six girls at a McDonald’s; while it looked like over a hundred stood by and watched the barbaric scene, hinting to a much a DEEPER problem in our community. The video CLEARLY shows a lack of sensitivity or humanity, as spectators just kept on filming and cheering while a 15 year old child could have easily lost her life. It points to our new generation being a group of voyeurs. Content to watch, but never one to take action amongst injustices that we are seeing with our very own eyes. Not to mention the McDonald workers who sat idly by, as dozens of teens flocked in the established NOT purchasing anything, but there to have front row seats to a blood bath. God have mercy on this community, teens growing up in this era. It will be surely be needed in the years to come. As a result of the three minute beat down, the victim walked away with two black eyes along with a multitude of bruising to her young body. The victim refused to speak out against her attackers, however the pleas of a community are going answered as they want these young girls involved in horrific incident to be brought to justice, and RIGHTFULLY so.

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Authorities have already popped 16 year old ring leader, Aniah Ferguson, who was charged with robbery and gang assault after the violent melee went viral. In addition, another 15 year old girl participant was apprehended by authorities at the airport right before take off, trying to make a mad dash for Jamaica. Thus meaning her parents or guardians were well aware of the trouble the young girl was in for. So versus teaching her to be accountable for her actions, they decided to put her on a plane to evade trouble and punishment for her part on the heinous incident. SMH. They SHOULD and most likely will receive a charge as well. Stay tuned as more details come available in this very sad story, where no one is a victor.

Do you believe the parents should be charged and receive punishment for harboring, what is technically considered a fugitive? If we do not hold people within our community accountable for their wrongdoings, how can we expect others to?? Food for thought. Share your opinions.