Dude Goes Beast-Mode On Guy Who Stole From Him. Sometimes when you’re at another person’s house, you really should keep your hands to yourself and enjoy your time there. Check out the video below of what happens when you steal something from someone.

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Ouch.. now that’s justice well served. There’s no indication of what the guy actually stole from him but its gotta be serious because he used the strength of Goku to lift that boy up and slam him. At first glance it may look and sound like he broke his neck on the fall, but rest assured that it’s simply just the sound of his chips that he was holding onto for dear life that made the bone crunching sound. This brings me to my next question, which is, why is homeboy holding such a strong grip on those lays potato chips? Seriously, if I’m about to get slammed the last thing I’m thinking about is cradling my snacks. I’m grabbing any and everything in sight. But on a serious note, I hope the dude is okay, post nap snacks are the best. I also hope he learned the valuable lesson of “DO NOT STEAL FROM PEOPLE” you might get your neck (and chips) crushed.