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Kendrick Lamar typically doesn’t get too deep in interviews for whatever reasons but this may be the most in depth interviews that he has ever done. In regards of the new album , Kendrick Lamar sits down with MTV and reveals the Original Title of ‘To Pimp A Butterfly”. Hop into the post for the exclusive interview #IFWT !

Kendrick Lamar shed some light on bunch of different topics that we all have questions about regarding his album. Kendrick Lamar sets a lot of things straight by giving us an inside feel on what inspired songs such as ‘King Kunta ‘ and ‘ Wesley’s Theory ‘ but The Compton rapper dropped a fact that really caught our eye.

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After revealing that depressing and suicidal thoughts were a factor in the creation of his body of work he also revealed the original title of the album. Before the title “To Pimp a Butterfly” The Album was originally titled “To Pimp a Caterpillar” Abbreviated as ‘TPAC’ (2pac) in homage of his favorite rapper.

Kendrick Lamar also speaks on his strong love for 2pac , as he recalls when he was very young 2pac was in one of his dreams telling him not to give up on his music career.

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