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We all know Kendrick Lamar isn’t really too much into the Twitters and Instagrams but he took time out of his day to do a little Q&A with his fans on Twitter. Hop into the post for all the details and photos! #IFWT!

Being That Kendrick Lamar is notoriously private when it comes to what he shares on these social networking sites , his twitter can go days or even weeks without being updated. Today (April 15th) Kendrick Lamar actually hopped on twitter and answered a few fan questions that were a lot better then some of your favorite radio personalities.

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The Whole Q&A sparked off after Kendrick Lamar tweeted out “Aye” . Later you see fans starting to ask K.Dot Questions and he answers a couple.

One fan asked Kendrick how he felt about Lil Wayne. Kendrick replied ” 1 of the most influential artist of this generation and still hungry.”

Kendrick also saluted rapper Earl Sweatshirt . When a Fan asked Kendrick Lamar “Who’s your favorite artist in the game right now?” the Compton rapper replied “Earl Sweatshirt”.

Pretty good cosign huh?

Kendrick Lamar was also asked things like “What was your secret/inspiration behind naming your latest album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly?”, If he ever planned on going to college campuses and speaking to students and if we can expect a world tour coming soon. Make sure you check out all the answers in the gallery!!!!

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