IFWT_Sefolosha arrested

Video was released of Thabo Sefolosha’s violent arrest where he was put in a headlock and thrown to the ground.  Another video showed an officer pulling out and swinging his baton but it’s unclear if it connected with Sefolosha.  In any event, Thabo was seriously injured and will miss the NBA playoffs where his Atlanta Hawks hold the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.  Sefolosha is publicly blaming the NYPD for the “significant injury” he suffered during the arrest last week.

The NYPD has already launched an internal affairs investigation into the arrest in which you can see several officers physically corralling the NBA player.

The NYPD has said Thabo was acting in an aggressive manor which justified the use of force.

Thabo reportedly suffered a broken right fibula and ligament damage in the melee and now he’s issued a statement blaming the police.

“On advice of counsel, I hope you can appreciate that I cannot discuss the facts of the case. Those questions will be answered by my attorney in a court of law. I will simply say that I am in great pain, have experienced a significant injury and that the injury was caused by the police.”

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Source: TMZ Sports