NBA Rumor: Hawks Taking Trade Calls for Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver & Thabo Sefolosha

The NBA trade deadline is approaching which means the rumor mill is up and running.  Atlanta Hawks star Pual Millsap is reportedly on the trading block as he nears free agency.

NBA: NYPD Responds to Thabo Sefolosha’s $50 Million Lawsuit Saying Force Used Was Justified

Atlanta Hawks star Thabo Sefolosha is suing the City of NY and the five officers who subdued and arrested him back in April 2015.  Sefolosha says the officers used unnecessary force and he suffered a broken leg and ligament damage; he is suing for $50 million.  The NYPD officers involved say they were completely justified in their action.

NBA: Thabo Sefolosha to Sue NYPD & NYC For $50 Million For Breaking His Leg

Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted on criminal charges of resisting arrest in a melee outside of 1OAK nightclub in New York City and now he has plans to sue the city and eight cops for up to $50 million over what he claims are “permanent” injuries.

NBA: Hawks Thabo Sefolosha Found Not Guilty Stemming From Incident With NYPD

Thabo Sefolosha was just found not guilty in court over misdemeanor obstruction and disorderly conduct charges, stemming from an incident back in April outside of a NYC club.

NBA: Lawyer Says Thabo Sefolosha Was Targeted By White Cop Because He’s Black

An altercation outside of 1OAK nightclub in New York City resulted in Indiana Pacers forward Chris Copeland and two other women getting stabbed, and Atlanta Hawks Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antic getting arrested.  Charges were later dropped against Antic but the trial against Sefolosha has begun and his lawyer says it was racially motivated.

NBA: Thabo Sefolosha Says He’s in “Great Pain” & Blames NYPD For His Injury

Video was released of Thabo Sefolosha’s violent arrest where he was put in a headlock and thrown to the ground.  Another video showed an officer pulling out and swinging his baton but it’s unclear if it connected with Sefolosha.  In any event, Thabo was seriously injured and will miss the NBA playoffs where his Atlanta Hawks hold the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.  Sefolosha is publicly blaming the NYPD for the “significant injury” he suffered during the arrest last week.

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