Thabo Sefolosha was just found not guilty in court over misdemeanor obstruction and disorderly conduct charges, stemming from an incident back in April outside of a NYC club.


As we previously reported, Thabo was taken into custody on April 8th after cops say he was obstructing officers from investigating the stabbing of NBA player Chris Copeland near 1 OAK nightclub.

According to numerous witnesses however, Thabo was doing no such thing, and in fact was in the process of giving a homeless man some money when police took him down. That same homeless man testified that police were very rough with Thabo. As a result of the excessive force, Thabo broke his leg and missed the playoffs for the Atlanta Hawks.

Prosecutors had offered him a plea deal which he refused because he wanted his name clear and he made the right choice. As for the cornball cops who felt they needed to gang up on someone who wasn’t resisting in the first place, well that’s another story.